Are You Online Dating? Write A Creative Profile That Gets Attention

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Last Updated: May 3, 2022

If you’re interested in online dating to meet new people, you want to create an interesting and compelling online dating profile. 

The expression, “Presentation is everything”, holds quite true for many things, including a new product, an idea, a clothing display, or your very own online dating profile. Simply put, first impressions matter.

Creative dating profiles can get you more views and more dating potentials. Remember, what you post is what the world will see.

You may be the most loving person and have all the traits that someone is looking for. However, if no one clicks on your profile picture because it’s blurry or your tagline is cheesy, you’ll never have the chance to converse with those who could be potential matches.

Here are a few hot tips to keep in mind when you are creating an online profile that will cause others to raise their eyebrows and be interested in learning more. 



5 Hot Tips to Creating an Eye-Catching Dating Profile

1. Choose Several Profile Photos

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re into the online dating scene, realize that your profile pictures are extremely important. There is basic photo etiquette when it comes to online dating profiles. 

First, be sure that your photos are recent. No one cares what you looked like ten years ago, so please post photos that have been taken within the past six months.

Second, don’t lie about your physique. If you profess to have an athletic body, have an athletic body. If you’re fifty pounds overweight, don’t put down that your body type is slender. Be honest, as you’ll appreciate when others do the same.

Third, choose images that show your personality. Sure, everyone gets sad or depressed at times, but don’t post pictures that depict that kind of emotional state. Choose ones that show you happy, excited, or friendly.

You may also want to post a picture or two of you with friends or family. It’s nice to see people having fun with loved ones.

Lastly, keep your photos on the modest level. Posting half-naked pictures isn’t the best way to make a solid first impression.


2. Use A Headline That Rocks   

Now that you’ve selected a few good photos to post, select a headline that rocks. Boring or ridiculously cheesy headlines turn people away. You won’t even get a chance! Don’t use words like lonely and desperate. Most people do not want someone who seems needy or clingy. 

Use a headline that is positive, creative, and gives a brief description of you. Here are some examples:

  • Executive seeking professional woman to make wonderful memories with
  • Outdoor enthusiast looking for nature-loving partner
  • Intellectual seeking someone who enjoys deep conversation and fine wine
  • Artist wants to paint sunset with someone special
  • Video game enthusiast seeking someone who enjoys the same
  • My favorite three things in the world are…
  • Adventurous & love to travel? Let’s chat!
  • Sales rep by day, karaoke star at night


3. Use Creativity & Story In Your Profile Text

Here is where you get a chance to describe a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking for in a date. 

If someone gets past the photo and headline to read your profile, you’ve done a good job. In your profile text, please be honest and accurate, as that is respectable.  Give a brief introduction and keep it light and happy.

Keep it honest, as I’m sure you want others to be honest with you. Honesty says a lot about one’s integrity. Touch base on your interests, hobbies, and what you are looking for in a date. 

Stay away from telling your love life history, your bad relationship sagas, how you hate cheaters and liars, and how many kids you want in the future. For the most part, everyone on a dating site has had bad experiences in relationships, so you do not need to remind them that relationships are tricky and sometimes end badly. 

Honesty is very important. If you dislike hiking and the outdoors, do not post that you love nature and long walks in the woods. Do not write that your idea of a first date would be going for a bike ride when you haven’t been on a bike since you were a kid.

Remember, the truth will eventually come out. Stick to what you know and who you are.

Making your profile stand out is important if you are serious about seeking a relationship online. Take the time to be creative and unique with yours.


4. Make The Extra Effort

Creativity certainly helps when it comes to online profiles. Be as creative as you can and if you’re not really feeling creative, don’t stress about it. Just be yourself. If you’re confident in who you are, that confidence will come across as attractive to those seeking to date someone like you. 

If you decide that you just cannot write a creative, interesting dating profile, you can always hire a freelance writer to assist you.


5. Change Up Your Profile Every So Often

Every month or so, change up your profile to see if you get better results. You can have two or three profiles that you can test against each other to see what gets more attention. Be confident that you will find your next partner as you commit to the dating process.



Online Dating Can Take Time - Don't Get Discouraged! 

Try not to get discouraged when it comes to online dating. Some people will be interested in you, and some won’t. If you can persevere and keep a good attitude, you’ll certainly find some suitable people to date.

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