Cartoons To Watch With Your Kids

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Last Updated: May 10, 2021

Some parents fail to develop a connection with their kids due to lack of mutual interest. Pushing kids to like the same entertainments we enjoyed as kids is forceful, and what is forceful will never be accepted in good faith. Instead what parents should do is get to know about what shows their children prefer to watch, and getting to know them.

However, rather than thrusting our childhood interests onto the next generation, we can simply make recommendations when talking to them. Many children drift away from their parents as they grow up because the parents were always busy with kids during their upbringing.

A parent has a lot more to do than just putting meals on a child’s plate. Communication is the key to a great relationship. Since children hardly ever understand what grownups talk about; as adults, why not bring ourselves to their levels and initiate a conversation? Who knows, eventually we might come out of the other end with a great bond with the kids.

Hence, in this article, we talk about some cartoons which are worth watching for adults and kids alike as there are lessons to pick up from each.


Everyone has heard of the world of Pokemon or at least heard of Pikachu. The story goes where Pokemon are creatures which are treated as friends by humans to be captured and battled with. We see the protagonist Ash on his quest to capture all the Pokemon in the world and fight gyms to earn badges and eventually compete in the Pokemon League.

Might sound silly and childish, because it is. But some scenes are touching enough to make a grown man wipe away a tear.

The logic behind the series is that some Pokemon evolve into greater beings or versions as they level up by training and battling. Since Pokemon are modelled after creatures we come across every day, for instance, Pikachu is a mouse, and Charizard is a lizard that can fly, the younger audience can relate to these Pokemon with their pets. So, for children, these Pokemon often have sentimental attachment as Pokemon seem like pets that children wish they had.

This sense of attachment makes it difficult for characters to cope with the farewells of certain Pokemon from the series, such as when Ash lets go of his Butterfree (a butterfly Pokemon) and Primape (a fighting monkey Pokemon). These moments are difficult to take in and puts a person’s emotional strength in question.

Pokemon teaches us that animals are our friends but the most significant lesson is that it’s okay to lose at times. There are countless times when Ash fell short of winning a gym badge and kept trying over and over again to succeed. More importantly, Ash competes in the Pokemon League for 20 years till he finally wins it. The moral to take from here is that success will follow, if you are adamant and chase excellence.

Avatar: The Last Air Bender

Avatar is another cartoon that people of all ages can enjoy. There are 4 nations, each able to bend one element- fire, water, earth, and air. The protagonist, Aang, is an Avatar- master of all elements. He, along with his friends, are out on a venture to stop the fire nation which went rogue on the world.

The story has a lot to offer to viewers, starting from a great character arc to wonderful storytelling. Zuko, who starts off as an antagonist, later on becomes a favourite character for many fans. Each character has a different story to tell and as a result, teaches the audience about a variety of things.

Zuko, for instance, teaches about redemption, while Aang always acts as the advocate for peace. Toph is a blind girl who ends up becoming the strongest earth bender and the first-ever metal bender. Her arc tells us to not be afraid of what we can’t perceive because with inner strength and self-empowerment, we can move the earth.

One of the most amiable characters of the story is Uncle Iroh, an old man who gave up his ranks of a Fire-nation General and yet is peaceful with the simplest of things. The message conveyed by this personality is that power and perfection don’t bring you happiness, but the love for the world and other people do. You can find happiness in the smallest of deeds- even a good cup of tea.

Just like Pokemon, there are creatures in this animated series as well, but unlike our regular animals, the ones here are unique. For example, Aang’s animal buddy in the series is a flying bison named Appa. There are other exceptional creatures in the series, but Appa and Momo (a winged lemur) display a strong sense of friendship throughout the series.

Won’t be listing any spoilers because we surely hope you join the bandwagon and take your children with you while you’re at it.

Young Justice

This might be an unpopular opinion but Young Justice is actually an underrated animated series. DC might not have captivated the market with their movies but their animated series are a class apart.

However, we pick the Young Justice over the Justice League series. This is mainly because of how the characters evolved in the 3rd season. The first 2 seasons take it slow and build up momentum for the characters, but the 3rd season is when they integrate the Justice League superheroes as well.

The plot thickens in the 3rd season, and for the first few episodes, you might seem lost as to what is happening. But this was also a great hook for many fans as they tuned in for the climax.

While the character development is truly amazing for an animated series, Young Justice actually puts a sci-fi spin on human trafficking. By having a metahuman trafficking plot, the series brings a real-world issue into the limelight.

This might be a bit too far fetched for children to comprehend, but once they start from season 1, they will slowly grow into it. If they like the show, you can always revise the lessons for them once they are old enough to comprehend real-life scenarios.

Final Words

Cartoons are a great way to preach lessons to children. Almost all cartoons have a hidden message that they wish to convey. Sadly, we never take the time to understand them. Now that you know some of the best series to watch with your kids, perhaps you’ll do the honours of sharing this knowledge with them when you binge-watch together.


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