Feeling Frustrated and Angry? Tips to Overcome the Negative Emotions

By Jarin


Last Updated: March 10, 2021

Can you relate to feeling frustrated and angry? We all do. Frustration and anger are part of human emotions.

But what do you do when it gets out of hand? It’s very easy to get carried away with negative emotions and hurt someone you love. The worst thing is, you hurt yourself as well.

To be happy and healthy in life, it’s very important to keep your emotions in check. Because emotions make us human.

If you’re tired of the frustration and anger, try these tips we are sharing below.

Be Present

Yes, it’s as simple as that. The first step of saying bye to frustration is being in the present.

To understand why it’s important, you must understand what causes frustration.

For most of us, frustration emerges when we are not satisfied with something. When we are not somewhere we wanted us to be. When we lack behind our idea of an ideal scenario.

And it’s okay to be frustrated. But in a positive way. You should always go beyond what caused your frustration and focus on how you can improve yourself.

And being in the present the best way to approach that practice. You feel frustrated because you feel insecure about your future. Or, you regret something you did in your past.

One mandatory lesson of life is neither past nor future matters. You reside in present. That’s what matters.

Practicing mindfulness is a great way to not feeling frustrated and angry. Mindfulness anchors our thoughts to the present and allows us to appreciate what we have.

This brings us to our next tip: appreciation.

Appreciate What You Have

Can you do something for us? Once you’re done with reading this post, can you take a few minutes to dissect your frustration?

We’re pretty confident you are capable of doing that. And when you do, you’ll find that you are feeling frustrated and angry because you didn’t get something. It might be something materialistic like a new car wanted for your birthday or a goal of achieving a higher rank in your work.

Whatever it is, keep it aside for a minute. Now, focus on what you have.

You have a working car.

You have work that can support you.

You have a loving family who wants nothing but your happiness.

You have a loving girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband.

You have kids that look up to you.

As you can see, the list of things you have is longer than what you don’t. It’s always going to be longer. Because life has blessed us with things we never hoped for.

And you should appreciate what you have. It brings a sense of fulfillment. When you have content in your heart, what you don’t have starts to matter less.

Appreciating what you have is a surefire way to say bye to feeling frustrated and angry.

Fear is Your Worst Enemy

Deep down you know you fear losing control. You know the situation may get worse when you cannot control your temper.

And it’s the fear that fuels your anger. Don’t fear. Don’t fuel your frustration and anger anymore.

It’s a vicious cycle that keeps bringing you back to where you wear. Instead, relax. Be relaxed. Make the habit of listening to what people have to say.

You have an opinion on something. Similarly, other people also have an opinion. Practice respecting their opinion. Just because you are right doesn’t make them wrong.

Respecting your surroundings and letting go of fear could be what you’re looking for to not feeling frustrated and angry.

Say Goodbye to Powerlessness

The feeling of being powerless lies at the very core of anger. You might not realize it, but it’s proven over and over.

Whenever we don’t have power over something or someone, anger starts to seep in. The feeling of ‘I can’t do anything’ results in feeling frustrated and angry. And in most cases, you hurt someone you love who didn’t deserve the treatment.

To get rid of frustration and anger, get rid of powerlessness. You don’t have to feel it. You cannot control every aspect of your life. In fact, humans are only capable of controlling very little.

Learn to accept things as is. For starters, do things that you feel empowered. And slowly but steadily, get rid of the feeling of powerlessness.

Stop Feeling Frustrated and Angry for the Past

Life is not always fair to us. That’s the way Mother Nature rolls. There might be things in your past that still creep up on you from time to time. Anger and frustration is the only natural reaction that comes out of you.

Try to get closure. If another person was involved, understand their perspective if you didn’t already. There are a cause and effect for everything. The adverse the cause, the severe the effect.

Eliminate the cause. Solve it with your own understanding. Every human being is perfectly capable of analyzing a situation and derive the best out of it. Utilize your potential of being the understanding one.

Do What You Feel

Lastly, the ultimate path to saying bye to frustration and anger is to deal with it. Why are you feeling frustrated and angry? What can you do about it?

If it’s a goal you couldn’t achieve, start working hard so that it becomes a reality.

If it’s something you did in the past, let go of it. You’re a changed person now. There’s no point in punishing yourself for something you did in the past. Especially, when it does not affect the present.

Give time to yourself. Do the activities you like to do.

Like listening to music? Go out in the morning for a walk while listening to your favorite tracks.

Love TV shows? Get in a binge to feed your mind.

Always remember, you are responsible for your own happiness.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, feeling frustrated and angry is a common expression for all of us. For some, it’s only momentary. And for some, it becomes a way of life. We know you don’t want it.

We don’t want it for you either. So, take the time to incorporate the tips we’ve shared in this post.

Soon, you’ll become a personality that is just as lovable as everyone. Believe it in yourself.


Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash


7 comments on “Feeling Frustrated and Angry? Tips to Overcome the Negative Emotions”

  1. You mentioned to appreciate what you have and then you have a list of stuff. When one is not feeling good, and read your list and nothing on the list applies to you, you can almost go in the state of more depression by feeling you don’t have any of these things and everybody else does. Just the wording could really hurt somebody and itself.

  2. We all have different experiences in our lives… things that we love and those we don’t. I am grateful for the suggestions and ideas put forth in the above article. Our individual uniqueness is a blessing . I am thankful we are able to express ourselves, each in our own way.
    Thank you

  3. I just clicked on negative emotions and came across this article. After reading this allowed me to let out a huge sigh of relief! A lot of times we feel so alone like we're the only one's feeling like this... or just in our own feelings (feeling some type of way) but really we aren't. I appreciate that I read this because it put certain things more into perspective like being present, appreciating what you do have (gratitude), and basically taking back your power. All of this many of us already know but just to have confirmation as a gentle reminder that all we need is already within us. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for this Ariana - you are absolutely right. One of the great things about the internet is that our community gets pretty big. Seeing that we are not alone can be a powerful relief, and can help us let go of insecurities so we CAN get our power back, as you say. SO happy you found this gentle reminder, and we love having people like you in the community. 🙂

  4. it is pretty interesting to see both comments positive and negative it's hard not to realise what state you can be in without realising.
    my point is as a life coach you all have the capability to stop looking at the frustration and anger and make changes to a more positive outlook
    have great day

    1. Good point Gary. We all have an opportunity to make positive changes and face our issues so we can move forward!

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