Habits for a Better Lifestyle

By Jarin


Last Updated: April 27, 2021

Most of us tell ourselves that we’ll change our lives but we hardly have any idea of how to do it. We make promises to ourselves but we fail to live up to our words. One of the fundamental reasons for our failure is the lack of planning of what to do to make our lives better.

In this article, we talk about a few habits that we can incorporate into our daily lives. Building a habit is difficult and we often lose interest as days go by. This is mostly because we bite off more than we can chew.

How do we tackle this issue? Well, a simple plan is to develop habits one at a time. If you tell yourself you are going to complete all the tasks today, your brain might throw in the towel before you even start.

So, what you will do is play a little psychological trick with your mind. Instead of looking at the bigger picture, take up small milestones and complete them. We listed a few activities for you to follow to brighten up your mood and lifestyle. You don’t have to achieve all the tasks in a single day. Designate a specific day for a particular activity. After a month, you will get the hang of it. Start slow and you will end big.

Without further ado, here are a few habits you can develop to make your life better.


This suggestion gets thrown a lot but without any proper guidance. No, we are not telling you to walk for a healthier lifestyle. Plus, if you wish to have a physical benefit from this activity, either speed walks, jog or run.

The kind of walking we are talking about here is to walk at your own pace. Don’t bother about the time or where you are headed. Go to the park and see where your feet lead you while you take in nature’s beauty.

How is this habit helpful? You get your personal space! Moreover, once you connect with nature, your brain has a form of relaxation. As it does so, it rejuvenates its creative skills. You find yourself coming up with a lot of brilliant ideas.

Make sure not to have blaring music bursting your eardrums. Enjoy the tranquility and the sounds of nature. Try going for walks in the early morning instead of using your phone. Your brain will have a healthy start to the day.


Another habit that gets talked about a lot, but you don’t have the time to finish a book, right? So, don’t read the book. If you are thinking of reading the newspaper, scratch that.

We have internet everywhere we go, we should never stop learning. The next time you’re on public transport or in the washroom, instead of listening to music, read an article. There are plenty of niches to choose from and you can select a different niche each day to learn something new. (Personal Development websites are great!)

Did you know many countries are trying to establish vertical farming? Is a world without money possible? How can you enhance your child’s creativity? There are plenty of topics to learn about. Use the internet to make yourself a better person instead of being shackled to social media and change your lifestyle.


Are you still tired after sleeping for around 8 hours? Maybe it’s because you aren’t resting properly. Have you tried meditation?

This is one habit everyone should try at least once. It makes you self-aware. Once you learn yourself better and are conscious of your actions, you can guide yourself according to your will.

How often do you lack the motivation to get any work done? Or are you always nervous before an exam or a meeting? Meditation helps you relax and control your body mechanisms.

Once you have a better grip over your body, you can not only keep intrusive thoughts at bay but can also keep yourself calm during chaos. There are loads of tutorials online for you to check out and see how meditation improves your lifestyle.


Already sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? But this is where the saying “you reap what you sow” stems from. Gardening is a very underappreciated hobby.

If you are too busy to go to the gym, gardening makes you have enough exercise by carrying the tools and working. Plus, not only will you be doing the environment a favor, but you will also be glad when the first fruits or flowers turn up.

You can have your fresh vegetables and fruits right at home. Furthermore, exposure to dirt can also strengthen your immune system as the soil has a lot of bacteria. This is especially beneficial for children.

You don’t need a lawn to set up a garden. You can simply buy some flowering pots or a box and arrange them on the window ledge.

Watching Videos

Always wanted to learn how to cook? Or maybe you wanted to build a website? People waste their time by lingering on Netflix or watching TV.

If you have time to spare, and this habit hardly needs any effort, just register for an online course. There are plenty of online courses which are even free. This means, you can learn something without even spending any money.

If you feel completing a course is too long of a process, then why not opt for some informative videos? There are many channels online that produce interesting content. You can learn more about the world you live in.

Did you know there are 5 layers in the sky? What if the whole world had a power outage? What is the lifestyle of a millionaire like? Find out more fun topics online and gather knowledge.


Their world would have been a better place if more people valued art. Ever seen people staring at a painting for hours at an art gallery? What are they searching for?

Painting has underlying meanings and so, does poetry. Reading between the lines is truly awe-inspiring. Arts can add colors to your lifestyle.

Look up some paintings or poems online, and try to figure out what message the artist is trying to convey. Afterward, look up its analysis. Try to relate to the symbolism, the allegory, the imagery, and everything else the artist conjures.

Might seem like a boring activity, but this is one habit that might open your eyes to the beauty of the world. This simple habit can also change your perspective. In the end, this is why we are trying to develop these habits- to change ourselves for good.


Image by Perfecto_Capucine from Pixabay


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