Living In Balance: 4 Things to Try to Make 2022 A Better Year

By Dominica


Last Updated: January 3, 2022

A long time ago, I heard a quote that really resonated with me:

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” - Socrates

I think most of us can relate to being busy. There’s so much to do. Between work, chores, errands, taking care of the family, spending time with friends, etc. It can definitely take up some time.

I like the meaning of the quote, in that being busy may not always mean we’re being productive. If we’re busy doing a lot of things that aren’t meaningful or purposeful, we may end up feeling barren inside.

Sure, busyness tends to be common in industrial societies. We hear, “Do more, have more, be more...”

This gets me at times, even though I’m pretty conscious of the trapping of it. I forget that success and achievements aren’t necessarily equated with just how busy I am.  Yes, to be successful does require taking action toward goals, but it does not mean that you have to make yourself crazy with stress in the process.


Stress Management & Balance

Years ago, when I was in the process of transitioning jobs, I got on that busy track. 

I started becoming obsessive with my goals and spent a lot of time “doing” and not enough time “being” and appreciating. After a while, I had to have a real heart-to-heart with myself. I had to remind myself that my worth is not tied to how much I am getting accomplished.

It’s not tied to how much money I make or even how good I am at what I’m doing career-wise.

I had to remind myself that I cannot live my life tied to some egocentric identity. By that, I mean the “I” that has some insatiable thirst for carnal things. Or the “I” that can get in the way of peaceful living.

I say, “I want this” and “I want that”, but that “I” is not my true identity.  It is that “I” of ego that goes after all sorts of things in an attempt to find peace. However, peace doesn’t come from striving. Peace doesn’t come from “busyness”. Peace cannot come from that “I”.

Finally, after a few weeks of automatic “fast-pace” pilot, I stopped and spent some time in solitude. I began to rest and relax completely into just being. I began to let everything just be and find joy in the simplicity of life.


The Bigger Picture

I decided to use some stress management techniques and get quiet with myself.

I turned everything off and just sat quietly. I meditated some. I offered gratitude for life. I let stillness envelop me and remind me of life’s bigger picture.

In meditation, I let go of the many thoughts that run rampant in my mind. I connected with infinite goodness and the love of my higher power. It is there that I can loose the shackles of anxiety, sadness, fear, and so on.

Stress management and worthiness affirmation is a practice. Connecting with myself at a deeper level and my higher power is a discipline.


The Power Of Undoing

The bigger picture for us may not be pounding the clock to get more hours of work in.

Freedom and peace may not come from “doing” more. However, it can come in the being in presence with stillness within. It can come with making a decision to live a balanced life and regularly check in with yourself to be sure you’re not too busy.

I don’t just mean physical busyness either. 

We can be overly mentally busy too, which can keep us from getting still with our real selves and dealing with some things that we may be unconsciously avoiding. It can distract us and keep us from getting real and raw with ourselves and others.

So, if you’re physically or mentally overly busy, start pausing before you say or do anything. Tell people you’re cutting back on your commitment. Tell your ego to pipe down and stay committed to balance and the power of undoing.  

Sometimes life on this planet can get confusing. We may feel pain. It’s part of the journey, but let’s not try to run from this by being super busy or by putting a band-aid on the wounds.

What do you really want?

And who is the “you” that’s asking? Is it your ego, which basically just wants anything that will pacify its cravings for a while? Or is your authentic spirit, which will always lead you to feeling more peace? 

The real, deep part of you just wants to be. It just wants to show up in the world as is and be loved and adored for no reason. It’s like the tree stands bold, swaying in the wind, simply being a tree. It’s expressing itself as beauty and being content in that. We too, are part of consciousness expressing itself.


Go Deeper Into Your Stillness

From here, go deeper into your stillness.

If you believe in a higher power, take time regularly to just bask in that Presence. The toughest part about any sort of personal or spiritual growth is actually taking time to “do the work”, even if the work means sitting in silence. I understand it’s not easy and within a few minutes, you may feel super bored. I’ve been there.

However, if you’ll keep at it, focusing on what’s behind that blackness behind your eyes, you’ll begin getting a sense of a peaceful presence that you’ll appreciate.

You will feel less stressed, less anxious, and you’ll have more to offer others. We can add value to humanity as we are led by balance and pour out from a full cup.  

Today, take some time to be with yourself. Even if it’s just five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening, try it out. Be with Love. Breathe slowly, relax your entire body, and bask in the stillness.

Do this every day and see what happens in your life. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash


5 comments on “Living In Balance: 4 Things to Try to Make 2022 A Better Year”

  1. Sitting in solitude and observing the mind-sense-body mechanism takes us beyond mind where we meet the real self where a feeling of sernity prevails.A rejuvination takes place within and all around.We feel fragrant and charged with the God particles and much more..

  2. Yes busyness does not equal great productivity it can lead to a lot of unfinished things & ultimately "burnout". More can be achieved by slowing down & breathing.

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