Marry The Christmas Spirit: Allow Peace and Love To Energize Your Life

By Dominica


Last Updated: December 24, 2020

Tis the season for all sorts of peace and love.  Though it’s been a tough year for most people, there still seems to be some holiday cheer in the air.

But even if you aren’t that keen on celebrating Christmas this year, perhaps you can get into the spirit of Christmas.

By that, I mean the spirit of peace and love.

Have you ever been around someone who was so excited and energized that when you were in their presence, you literally felt happier?  It’s as if their joy was contagious.  Well, in a sense, it was. The reason for this is because their happiness vibes were actually able to impact your energetic vibes and raise them up.

This is great news because we could all use more love and joy this holiday season. We all want to be able to give and receive unconditional, compassionate love, because that just feels good.

Would you like to know how you can positively impact those around you?

Great. Learning a bit more about how love and peace can energize you spiritually will help you – and others!

Believe It Or Not, You Are Vibrating

At the very core of your being you are energy, and your energy is vibrating at a certain speed.  The average person is vibrating around the 200 mark on a scale that reaches 1000. The higher the vibration, the more peace and happiness one feels.

It’s just that simple.  As you go about your days, if you are feeling negative emotions like sadness or fear, you are vibrating a low speed. In order to increase your vibration so that you can experience happy emotions, there are some things that you can do.

The Shifting Of Vibration

Even just a little shift in your vibration level can impact every area of your life. If your vibration lowers, you’ll experience more anxiety, fear, sadness, etc. If your vibration shifts toward the positive, you’ll experience more of the happy emotions.

Not only are you affected, but people and things around you are affected.  In fact, research shows that people with higher vibrations have animals and plants with higher vibrations that those that have low vibrations.

One such researcher, Dr. Masaur Emoto, has completed a wonderful study in which he spoke positive or negative words and phrases to different glasses of water. He then froze them and then took pictures of the ice crystals.

The results are fascinating. The glasses that were spoken to with love and positive words had formed beautiful ice crystal designs. However, the glasses that were spoken harshly to had formed unorganized, chaotic designs.

There was certainly a difference in the formation of the ice crystals based upon the tone and intention of the phrases, which were either positive or negative vibrations. This is pretty good proof that our thoughts and words can positively or negatively impact those things around us, including people and objects.

The Vibration Of Love

You really want to shoot to raise your vibration to the level 500 or above, as this is the level at which you are vibrating frequencies of love, peace, and compassion. This is the level where you are living your life quite conscious of spiritual reality.  You get to the point where you understand life is much more than what you see with your physical eyes.

Reaching Higher Vibrations

With all of this in mind, you are probably eager to learn how you can raise your vibration considerably.  You want to know how you can marry the spirit of Christmas – peace and joy. You want to be a magnet that attracts the things you desire in life.

That’s understandable.

For example, let’s say that you’ve been struggling financially.  You try to make more money, but it just doesn’t come, or you make decent money but you still don’t have money in savings.  It just seems to disappear.

Or maybe you’re contending with feelings of loneliness, yet at the core, you aren’t necessarily feeling worthy of friendship or companionship.

Perhaps you have some lower vibrational thinking going on in such situations. It doesn’t hurt to gauge your thought life to see what’s going on there.

What kinds of thoughts are you thinking about money? Do you understand that money has a vibration as well? Your vibration must resonate with money’s vibration in order for it to flow abundantly.  In this case, begin to open up to the fact that money CAN flow easily to you.  Declare that your vibration is in sync with money, opportunities, favor, and so on. Feel the excitement of living in abundance, doing what you want when you want it, and being able to freely give as you receive.

If it’s loneliness you’re dealing with, consider what kinds of thoughts you’re thinking about yourself. Do you feel worthy of friendships? Companionship?  Do you believe you can make new friends? Are you making the effort?

Tools To Raise Your Vibration

Some people think vibration talk is out there or woo woo.  But how many times do we use the word “vibes” when referring to someone? We say, “Whoa, did you sense his vibe? It was pretty heavy.” Or, “Wow! Their vibe is amazing!”

It’s their energy that you’re referring to in such cases.

In order to raise your vibration, there are certain tools you can use regularly. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are some popular ways to raise your vibration consistently:

  • Meditation.  Meditation is an exceptionally good way to raise your vibration, as when you sit quietly and still your thoughts, you are more in tune with your spiritual self. You allow for your energy system to receive a boost from God, the universe, etc. You tap into the spiritual realm and as a result, your energetic vibration increases.
  • Guided meditation.  If you prefer guided mediations, there are those that will help increase your vibration significantly. Do some searching on YouTube to find hundreds of free guided meditations on all sorts of topics.
  •  Visualizations. Visualization will help you increase your vibrations as well. Consider it like daydreaming about all those things you desire.
  • Do What You Enjoy.  If you’ll spend some time doing things you enjoy, that can raise your vibration too. Haven’t you ever been feeling lousy and then you went and did something fun and it changed your mood completely? Maybe your toddler came in the room and made you laugh and the two of you started clowning around. Or perhaps your buddy called and got you out to go fishing. Find something that you enjoy and spend time doing it. You’ll find as you do, your energy vibration can certainly get a good boost.

Take a season to learn about yourself as a vibrational being and start increasing your vibration regularly.  It will take a little bit of time and effort, but it’s well worth it.  If you want to experience more peace and joy this holiday season – and beyond – get in the spirit of love and peace.

Give and receive it, as that’s what we all truly desire anyway.


Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels


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