Need A Job? 3 Ways to Go Beyond Just Filling Out Online Applications

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Last Updated: November 16, 2021

While it may seem as if everyone is on a hiring spree, there may be some industries that are more challenging to get hired. If you’re looking for a job and all you’re doing is filling out online applications, you might be waiting a very long time to get a phone call for an interview.  

Sure, you might have some pretty good qualifications, but so do others that are applying for the same job. In fact, there may be 50 to 100 applicants per job these days depending on the location.  So, what makes you have an advantage over other applicants?  That’s a very good question.

Go the extra mile.  To really get noticed, make the effort to stand out and be seen and heard.


3 Tips to Get Ahead in the Job Market

1. Call the Hiring Manager

If you are applying for jobs online, your chances of getting a job increase dramatically if you follow up with a phone call. This might not sound appealing to those who don’t love approaching people, but do you want a job or not?  

I’ve seen this happen. I’ve had clients who filled out online job applications, but choose not to make a phone call. They sit and sit, and nothing happens.

I’ve had others who made a phone call expressing their interest in the job and updating their application weekly and guess what? They got a job. Not every employer takes phone calls, but many do. 


2. Know What You’re Going to Say

The phone call doesn’t have to be long and drawn out. You can even write out what you want to say and read it if you’re nervous. 

Say things like “Hello. My name is _____ and I recently filled out an online application for a position with your company. I’d love to discuss the position with you further. Will you be setting up interviews soon?”  

Or say, “Hi there! My name is _______ and I’m calling to update my application. Do you have any open positions?” Sometimes it’s just the fact that you called that a manager that will set you up for an interview. The fact that you took initiative to call shows that you are serious about working at the company. 


3. Go Meet the Manager 

If it’s possible, go introduce yourself to the manager of the store and let them know that you’ve applied for a position via an online application. This may not be possible in all circumstances, but for fields like retail, the food industry, factories, etc., you should be able to walk in and request to see the manager.

To get a job, certainly fill out online applications and fill out many of them. The more you fill out, the better your chances are of getting hired. Make the effort to follow up with a call or a visit to the establishment and before you know it, you will be jumping for joy at your new job.

You may also want to check out training or classes for career positions that require some sort of diploma or certification. Just a little bit of time spent studying for that degree can help you stand out from others. 

If you’re wondering what kinds of jobs are growing ultra-fast and show no signs of slowing down, check out the following: 


3 Fast-Growing Roles You Could Look Into

1. Software Engineering

It’s common knowledge that the computer field is a hot career choice

The field has no signs of slowing down either. For those interested in computers, software engineering is one of the hottest fields to get into when it comes to availability of jobs and excellent income. 

If you can picture yourself creating and working with software, this field is a sure winner. You don’t even need a 4-year degree to get into this field.

There are certificates and associate degrees in software engineering that will allow you to get your foot in the door, though additional schooling will be well worth the investment.


2. Nursing

Experts say that nursing careers will continue to be in heavy demand, as people will always have bouts of sickness and disease to tend with. 

The nursing industry is growing yearly and it’s fairly easy to find a job in most any city. You can become a Registered Nurse in about 2-3 years in the US and the starting pay is quite high (Salaries depend on where you live.).

If you’ve got a heart to help people in this area, look into getting your nursing degree and pursue a career in nursing.


3. Law Enforcement

New technology, different types of crime, shifting relationships in communities and a shorter tenure for law enforcement officers are leading to opportunities in this field. If you are looking to make a difference and start a new career, this is surely a good choice when it comes to a career. 

The training time to become a police officer is usually less than one year, but you can certainly increase your opportunities if you get a college degree in Criminal Justice. 

There are also areas you can specialize in, like Forensics or Cyber Crime. Law enforcement can be tough, but if you’re assertive and like to help and protect people, this may be a great career for you.  

These are three career fields that show no evidence of slowing down in the near future. If you’re seeking job security and want to know you can train and get a job within a short amount of time, these careers may be a great match for you. If not, well, there are hundreds of career niches to check out.

Spend some time researching to see if any interest you and get busy creating a plan to get hired. 

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