Trying to Lose Weight? Here Are 10 Power Tips to Stay Motivated

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Last Updated: December 11, 2022

If you’re trying to shed some weight, it can be easy to lose motivation.

At first, we’re all gung-ho on the journey, but a few weeks in, that momentum seems to slow down. If you really want to stay on the course, discover some ways to motivate yourself. 

Losing weight and then keeping it off takes discipline, self-control, and a commitment to doing what it takes to stay where you want to be. The good news is that there are ways you can motivate yourself.



10 Power Tips to Stay Motivated When You're Trying to Lose Weight

1. Sign Up For Weight Loss Groups or Forums

If you sign up for a forum or group with others who are seeking to lose weight, you’ll be more apt to follow through with your goals. 

You can discuss weight issues, read encouraging testimonies, be challenged, and also vent your frustrations. There’s something about joining with others who are going through the same thing that is comforting and oftentimes motivating.  

Not sure where to start? Try these:


2. Read Inspirational Literature 

There are many books out there written by men and women who have struggled with weight issues and overcame them. 

Read their stories and be encouraged and motivated by their testimonies. You can also learn tips and tricks that you can utilize in your weight loss journey.

Here's a great start:


3. Create Realistic Goals and an Action Plan 

If you write down your goals and develop steps to achieve them, you’re more apt to achieve them. 

Write down your weight loss goals on a piece of paper and put it in a location that you will see frequently. This will serve as a reminder and can give you the motivation that you need to stay the course. 


4. Hang Around With Motivated People  

The old saying that “You are who you hang out with” holds true much of the time. 

If you’re only hanging out with unmotivated people who don’t really care about their health, you’re less likely to be concerned about yourself. Be sure to spend some time in the company of others who are health and exercise conscious, because they will inspire you to be the same way.


5. Give Yourself Rewards 

When you achieve a milestone or a goal, go ahead and reward yourself with something. 

You can buy that outfit you’ve had your eye on or go to a community activity you’ve wanted to attend. Reaching a milestone ought to be a big deal, so go ahead and set up a reward system to keep you motivated. 


6. Educate Yourself

Become educated when it comes to obesity and living a healthy life. 

Take responsibility for your health and your weight. When you take the time to educate yourself, you’ll be more apt to be motivated to make the necessary changes toward optimal health.

Check out these websites for excellent information:


7. Tune Into Your Needs

If you really want to get down to a smaller size, tune into your needs.

Do you tend to gain weight in the hips or buttocks? 

If so, eat healthy and exercise, but target your hips and buttocks more than other areas. If you gain weight in the belly area, eat healthy and target that area. Be sure to be aware of your nutritional needs, as you don’t want to starve yourself or eat unhealthy or high caloric foods.  


8. Write Out Your Goals on Paper 

It’s important to write down your goals and put them in a place that you can see every day.

Hang them on the refrigerator, wall, bathroom mirror, office, etc. This will help you to stay focused and when temptation to slack off comes, your goal list can serve as motivation to continue doing what you need to do on your weight loss journey.


9. Become Health Conscious 

If you consistently read about health and fitness, you’ll be more apt to engage in it. 

I know for myself when I take the time to read about living a healthy lifestyle every day or every other day, I do better at eating a healthy diet and exercising. If I forget to motivate myself in that way, I forget all about eating healthy and grab junk food over healthy food more often than I should. 

There’s a lot of helpful information on YouTube, so be sure to check out some channels there. 


10. See Yourself at Your Desired Goal 

Visualize you in your favorite outfit at the size you want to be. 

Visualization can serve as a power motivational tool to prompt you to keep taking action toward your goals. If you really want to see yourself thinner, use some photo editing equipment and give yourself a little makeover and print a picture of you at the size you want to be. 

This will certainly encourage you to stick to your weight loss plan.



Stay on Track When You're Trying to Lose Weight

Take these tips seriously and really make a commitment to losing the weight you want. It might not be easy, but the effort will be well worth it when you’re walking around at the size you’ve been dreaming of.

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