Trying To Meet Your Dream Partner? Simple Tips for Making a Match

By Dominica


Last Updated: October 7, 2021

If you’re single and trying to land the partner of your dreams, you’re not alone. There are plenty of singles out there trying to find love in a variety of ways.

Since the pandemic, it’s become a bit more challenging to get out there and mix it up in the community. However, there are still some excellent options if you’re single and wondering how you can meet more people.

If you’ve tried avenues that lead you to a dead end, rest assured, there are various options for you that will put you in the pathway of people seeking romance. Whether it’s out in the community or through an online dating site, meeting more matches will just take some effort on your part.


Dating In The Community

Online dating websites offer the most convenient method of meeting a potential partner. However, if you are not comfortable with online dating, there are also offline community opportunities where you can meet potential partners.

Of course, in the case of offline dating, the process might take a little more effort and it might not always be convenient. Getting out in the community will require you to make the time and commit to the task.

Here are some valuable tips on where you may be able to meet people in the community.

Of course, these may vary depending on the status of the pandemic in your area. Be aware of what social distancing guidelines are.

1. Choose to eat lunch somewhere outside instead of just having it in your office or at the desk while working.

You have more chances of meeting interesting singles in such a situation. If you frequent the same outdoor restaurants, parks or food trucks consistently, you have more of a chance of getting to know other regulars. You may even take interest in someone who works there!

2. Attend safe after work events, as they can prove to be a useful place for meeting people who may have the same interests as you.

Check the work memo board to see what activities are going on. If there aren’t any, create an event yourself so others will have a chance to socialize outside of work. You could do a volunteer project or even get a recreational sports team together.

3. Try to perform activities outside your home rather than inside. You could do your grocery shopping online these days, but then you’ll miss out on running across singles at the outdoor Farmer's Market.

4. Volunteer for distanced or outdoor community service projects, like Habitat for Humanity or the Red Cross.

5. Take part in local community events, take a stroll during a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, have a meal at a new outdoor patio, or do some leisurely window shopping.

6. Join an outdoor fitness group where you can exercise and meet plenty of single people. 

7. Try group outings with single or married friends.

Everyone can bring a partner and you can see if you can meet someone interesting. The outings can be at a spot outside the town, in a park, or even in the backyard of someone in your group.


Meeting Through Online Dating Websites

Apart from such offline means of meeting people, online dating websites can offer you the easiest means of connecting with those who have similar interests. When creating your profile, describe yourself well, highlighting your assets, your personality, positive characteristics, sense of humor and so on.

While describing yourself, mention your hobbies and other fun things that you do.

Try and set yourself apart from others so that your personality appears unique to the viewer. Use a picture taken with a digital camera that is up to date. Wear attractive clothes and provide photographs with different expressions and different backgrounds.

You can easily select the age range and even specify the country of the person you are looking for in such dating sites.


Honesty Is The Best Policy

Be honest about yourself and your personality. It is not respectable to fabricate information about yourself when you are seeking to date someone. People want to meet someone honest and willing to share the truth about themselves.

If you are looking for a wealthy mate, you can join online dating websites that allow such wealthy singles to post their profiles and for those who are seeking wealthy partners to join looking for such qualifications.

There are other online dating sites that cater to all sorts of niches, such as athletes, those over 50, farmers, and so on.

If you go through a reputable dating site, it is quite safe to meet and date online.


Facebook Dating Groups

Facebook has dating groups you can join too.

This is a viable option, as you can learn a lot by scrolling down someone’s Facebook page before you even send a message.  It’s also a great way to simply open the energy up to meet that special someone. There are general dating groups, as well as more specific. Simply do a hashtag search on dating groups.


Make The Effort

Meeting people can seem to be time consuming, but it is worth the effort. You can potentially meet someone incredible who will add love and light to your life. 

Be patient. If you’re nervous, it’s alright. Learn how to breathe through anxiety and do what you must do in order to get out there on the dating scene.

Hopefully these tips will get you motivated to put yourself out there today with an "available" status. And, I hope you meet a mate who is compatible, loving, and all that you desire. 



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  1. Hi
    I am wondering if there is anyway that I can get the affirmations from the email from this Oct 7 relationships.
    They started out with
    "I know in my heart that I will meet the right person soon"
    They were so powerful. I went back to it for a couple of days saving the email not realizing that it would be forever gone.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Lynn, thanks for following our Affirmations!! Here you go...

    I know in my heart that I will meet the right person soon. I don't need to worry about it. I allow love to find me. I am on the right path, and I focus on my journey. I live my life authentically. My intuition never lets me down. I deserve love and being loved. I am ready to accept a beautiful and fulfilling relationship.

    Be well!!
    The Daily Motivation Team

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