Want to Feel Happier? Here’s How You Can Get Started Right Now!

By Dominica


Last Updated: November 3, 2022

Most people want to feel happier emotions far more often than sad ones.

We want to feel happy and content and because of this, we do all sorts of things to try to experience such feelings. We tend to think if we work harder, make more money, read more books, have more friends, do more things, etc., that we’ll just feel happier.

It’s common to want to feel good and have our desires and dreams manifest. We want to feel and experience abundance. However, a problem arises when we don’t really know how to get from where we are, such as sad, frustrated, or miserable, to a state of happiness.  

Here’s a little secret: It’s not as difficult as you think



The Law of Attraction: Like Attracts Like

Feeling happy and content consistently is not the monstrous job we make it out to be. It may be so simple that we miss it.

Listen to this quote by Joe Vitale:

"It's really important that you feel good. Because this feeling good is what goes out as a signal into the universe and starts to attract more of itself to you. So the more you can feel good, the more you will attract the things that help you feel good and that will keep bringing you up higher and higher.

This sums up the law of attraction quite well. 

The law of attraction has gotten pretty popular over recent years. The reason is because when people learn how to use the law to create a life they love, their life changes significantly for the better. The movie and book, The Secret, opened the eyes of millions of people to the power of thought and the law of attraction.

Basically, the law of attraction asserts that like attracts like.

It means that what you put your focus or energy on, you get more of the same. The thoughts you think act like a magnet and are attracting things to you all the time. 

You see, your thoughts affect your feelings, and your feelings affect your actions. If you are feeling terrible, chances are that your thoughts are predominantly negative. As a result of your negative thoughts and feelings, your actions will tend to be negative as well.



Feel Happier: Stop With the Negative Thoughts

For example, if you tend to think a lot about how unfair it was that your mom and dad divorced and you carry some resentment about it, you will wrestle with negative feelings like anger, depression, resentment, bitterness, and so on. 

Those negative feelings may cause you to be more apt to reach for substances that temporarily dull the pain, like alcohol or drugs. Or you may choose friends who are miserable or mean. Your thoughts influence your feelings and your feelings influence your behavior.

Should you understand these principles, then you can stop negativity and negative feelings from ruling your life. 

Now, I’m not saying you’ll never feel negative feelings, because you will. And, that’s alright. But we don’t have to stay stuck in these emotions long-term.

If you struggle with negative emotions or you simply want to have more control over your emotions, consider learning more about the law of attraction.

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Everything is Energy

At the very core, everything in the world is energy, including your thoughts. 

If you know anything about energy, you understand that energy has certain vibrations known as frequencies. There are low frequencies and there are high frequencies and matter can fall in between on the scale. For example, negative thoughts and feelings have a lower frequency than positive thoughts. 

Have you ever heard people talk about the vibes of a person? 

They might say “He has great vibes,” or “Her vibes rub me the wrong way.”  We are all emitting a frequency and our goal ought to be to emit higher frequencies. To raise your frequency, it is important to understand the law of attraction philosophy.



3 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Feel Happier

1. Feel Abundant And Happy Now

If you want to feel good, it is important to raise your vibration to a higher level. 

How do you do that?

This might sound so simple, but you simply have to FEEL GOOD in order to raise your vibration.

Most people think it’s the other way around. They think that in order to experience positive emotions, certain things have to fall in place. They must get the promotion, the beautiful partner, the bonus, the new car, etc. in order to feel good, but it’s the opposite:

You must feel good first and THEN the good things come.


2. Monitor Your Thoughts Because They Lead to Feelings

It is so important to tend to your thoughts. If you are thinking negative thoughts, you are going to experience negative feelings, and therefore you will not feel that great. Although if you force yourself to think positively and feel good NOW, you will feel better! 

Not only will you feel good, but you will be attracting all sorts of positive things into your life.


3. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Remember the catchy song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”? The lyrics go:

“In every life we have some trouble.

When you worry you make it double

Don't worry, be happy

Don't worry, be happy now.”

Seems like Bobby McFerrin, the writer of this song, understood a bit about the dynamics of the law of attraction, as he is quite right when he says, “When you worry you make it double.”

Your feelings now are what matter. Your feelings now dictate what is in your future. As tempting as it is to stay sad, angry, or frustrated, try not to. If you do, you may be attracting more of that into your life. 



Start to Feel Happier Now 

Feel happy now. Sing a song. Dance to some good music. Laugh out loud. Pet your cat.

Do what makes you feel happier, and this is very likely to bring your mood up and you’ll feel happier.

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2 comments on “Want to Feel Happier? Here’s How You Can Get Started Right Now!”

  1. I can call on Wisdom but with out Understanding I get nowhere.
    There are so many courses on how to Manifest anything and everything...make a Million..have $$$$ anything and every thing you want... just focus on it, feel it, plant it in your brain...etc. I believe there's more to it than that... which is left out in these courses. I've subscribed and paid a lot of money for these teachings yet What is left out in every one, has been understanding.

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