Develop Your Authentic Leadership Presence With These 4 Tips

By Reniel


Last Updated: February 15, 2022

There’s no denying that great leaders are known for their great qualities and skills.

However, not every leader can make other people feel better. In fact, some of them make others feel intimidated and anxious. 

The truth is that leadership requires a very wide set of skills and not every leader out there can transform, inspire, motivate and empower others in a positive way. Some of them lack certain traits that prevent them from making a difference and genuinely connecting with people.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” 

Always remember that in leadership, it’s not enough to show people that you are the leader and you are in charge, it’s also about influencing and directing your team in positive, feel good ways.

You have to remind yourself of this power and utilize it for the greater good of all. 

In life, there’s no such thing as a perfect leader. Leaders around the world also have flaws and shortcomings.

Having said that, change is the only constant thing in this world, and you still have the opportunity to change, grow and develop your authentic leadership presence as you go along. 

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4 Ways to Develop Your Authentic Leadership Presence 

1. Self-awareness

The first step to developing your authentic leadership presence is self-awareness.

This is because if you’re not aware of your flaws then there is no way you can work on them. Being self-aware simply involves knowing that you are grumpy, impatient, or whatever it is that you struggle with as a leader.

This awareness helps you come to terms with what you need to work on in terms of character development. It can help you come across as a more genuine and relatable leader.

2. Self-acceptance

Some leaders spread negative vibes when they get upset or when things don’t go their way.

Keep in mind that lashing out only leads to more undesirable behaviors and could backfire. To cultivate your leadership presence, you need to mind your attitude, accept your flaws, look at the brighter side of things and try to be more human, knowing that other people have feelings and emotions too. 

3. Vulnerability

The next crucial step is to admit your flaws.

As a leader, it might be hard to be vulnerable because people have this perception that leaders shouldn’t fall, break down and crumble into pieces. However, vulnerability is actually a strength, not a weakness.

When you’re vulnerable, you let your walls down and this makes people easier to open up to you and trust you.

4. Self-improvement

And finally, a life of constant self-improvement needs to be adopted.

When you want to improve your leadership skills, you’re not afraid to ask the hard questions.

Knowing the truth about how others perceive you can feel uncomfortable, but you'll eventually learn to embrace the negatives and work on them, while strengthening and incorporating the positives even more.

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Great Leaders Are Always Learning

Developing your authentic leadership presence through these tips above can provide more room for improvement in your life.

When done properly, you can go from being an unrelatable or feared leader to being someone people respect, idolize and look up to. They would come to understand, and even accept those shortcomings, admiring that you are trying your best to work on them.

And they might better appreciate your personality and other lovely things about you and what you do.   

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