You want to live an abundant life in every which way.

That’s a given, but do you realize that you can be doing certain things to make that a reality? You can actually create a life that you love, attracting all sorts of good things to you. 

Yes, according to the law of attraction, what you think about is quite significant, so you want to be sure that you train yourself to think positive thoughts consistently.

The key to attracting good things to you is to realize that you at your core are made up of energy. You are light particles that have certain vibrations. Negative emotions cause you to vibrate at a low frequency and positive emotions cause you to vibrate at a high frequency. 

Once you realize this, you will want to learn how you can increase your energy, or vibrations, so that you can essentially feel more happy emotions.



The Basics of Vibrations

Physicists assert that everything, including you, is made up of energy. 

In addition, thoughts are energy as well.

Are you aware of how powerful your thoughts are? Yes, they can be life changing in good or bad ways. The essence of energy is that positive thoughts increase your vibrational frequency and negative thoughts decrease your vibration. 

Your goal ought to be to think thoughts that speed up your vibration, so that you will be attracting positive things into your life.



Raising Your Energy: 3 Ways to Improve Your Thoughts

Now that you know how important your thoughts are, it’s time to learn how to improve them.


1. Spend time with positive people.

One thing that is important is to steer clear from others who are negative, as they tend to bring you down and drain you of good energy.

Instead, surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up and add positive energy to you. If you absolutely have to spend time with those that are negative, such as at work or family members, just limit your time with them. Then, boost time with positive people or environments.

Spend some time each day meditating so that you can clear your mind and re-train your brain to think positive thoughts. As you meditate, you will be able to connect with your higher self, too, which will also speed up your vibration.


2. Be mindful.

Mindfulness means being present in the moment.

Do your best to stay in the now, as then you’re not thinking about the past or future, especially negative thoughts. This takes practice, but it’s well worth it.


3. Do things you enjoy.

When you take time to do things you really love doing, you’re automatically increasing your energy level.

Feeling joy as you do these things helps you in the moment, but it also helps you attract better things in the future.

Spend some time detoxing from things that have entered your body through food, chemicals, and polluted air. Drink lots of filtered water, get out in nature often, and take plenty of time to rest and relax. Purifying yourself regularly like this helps your mind, body, and spirit.


Visualization for Achieving Life Success

Experts assert that visualizing success actually increases your chance of achieving success.

This is because the actual visualizing puts the universal energies to work on your behalf, putting you in a mindset and attracting the opportunites you want to come to you. When you see what you want in your mind’s eye, you activate the law of attraction to work for you. 

In addition to visualizing your manifesting desires, feel the feeling of actually having your desires as well. This goes for your goals and your health. Visualize your body strong and healthy. See yourself living life happy, healthy, and prosperous.


Affirmations to Raise Your Vibrational State

Are you ready to raise your vibration? Affirmations are positive statements that will do just that. Write some down or print some out and put them in a spot that you will see daily. Really feel the affirmations as you say them. Here are some great affirmations you can recite daily in order to increase your vibration:



Raising Your Energy: Are You Willing to Try? 

You really can co-create a life that you love by thinking positive thoughts and taking positive actions consistently, raising your energy.

Yes, it takes time and effort.

Utilize the law of attraction to your advantage, so you can raise your vibrations and attract what you really desire into your life. Keep in mind that practicing these tips will cause them to become helpful habits that will help you throughout life.

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Photo by Anna Tarazevich