You can go all the way back to the ancient Roman times and find what now is called self-help literature, aimed to help men and women improve some aspect of their lives.

In fact, there were conduct guides written for women all the way back in the Middle Ages, teaching them how they ought to look and behave. 

Today, the self-help industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, with at least 2,000 new self-help books written yearly. The books keep coming because people are genuinely interested in the self-help movement.

They want to improve themselves, as well as experience less pain and more happiness. Self-help gurus promise to do just that with their tips, tricks, and strategies.

Whether you want to become more confident, have a better relationship, manage your money better, or lose that extra weight and get into shape, self-help books have proven to add significant value to many lives.

But what if you don't have time to read a plethora of books? You may wonder what the top books in the self-improvement industry will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

While there are different opinions regarding the top self-help books out there, many can agree that the following three self-help books have been read by millions and have changed many lives. 



3 Top Books in Self Improvement 

1.  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill wrote the book Think and Grow Rich back in 1937. Estimates come in that over 80 million sales have been made since that time. If you're after the science of personal development and success, this is a must-read.

Napoleon wasn't just your average self-help enthusiast. He was dedicated to learning all that he could from some of the best self-help gurus at the time. He learned many of his lessons from some of the most successful millionaires at that time, including Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Thomas Edison.

Napoleon spent decades studying what makes people successful, and though he wrote some other books, he condensed his knowledge into this book, Think and Grow Rich, and sales took off and haven't stopped to this day. 

Napoleon covers 17 different principles of success in the book. Each principal just as important as the other.

At the very heart of his message is the reality that thoughts matter. If you want success, the very first thing you'll need to look at is your thought life and mind set.

When you want success, you line up your thoughts to align with that success, you feel as if you've already achieved that success, and as a law, that success will manifest sooner or later.

Think and Grow Rich is a must-read for everyone.


2.  Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus by John Gray 

As you probably know, when you're not happy in your relationship, you tend to not be that happy yourself.

Sure, we're all responsible for our own level of happiness, but let's not be so naive as to think that relationships don't have an influence on that personal happiness level. 

John Gray wrote this classic relationship book more than 25 years ago and has sold over 50 million copies. He teaches a great deal on the differences between a man and a woman. He tells his readers that when you can learn about the opposite sex, you’ll be more likely to have a healthy relationship.

Now, you might think that a relationship book might not be a top book on self-improvement, but the number of sales indicate that people are intrigued about the dynamics of relationships and need some help.

With the divorce rate hovering around 50%, there's no denying the fact that this self-help and relationship help book is necessary. In fact, according to CNN, this was one of the top books in self-improvement in the 1990s.


3.  You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

With more than 50 million copies sold, You Can Heal Your Life has hit the New York Times bestseller list two times.

The first time back when it was first published in 1984 and then two decades later there was a revived interest after Louise Hay had been on the Oprah show. Louise talks about her story and how she overcame her own sense of victimhood and challenges.

She teaches unconditional love and how your thoughts and emotions can create the kind of life that you really desire.

This top book in self-improvement is so readily received because there are so many people who struggle with emotional and physical suffering. The title, You Can Heal Your Life, appeals to people at their pain level.

People don't want to struggle with emotional or physical pain, so Louise teaches them how they can journey to wholeness through various techniques and disciplines, such as affirmations.

Louise teaches about the law of attraction, and how like attracts like. What you put your focus on, you get more of. So, she encourages readers to focus on positive things, and recite positive affirmations as often as possible. 

The book also talks about disease as a result of one’s state of mind. She teaches that at the very root, many people do not feel themselves worthy, or that they're not enough. She encourages them to forgive themselves and others and allow healing to come at a deep level.

Hay goes on to share her philosophy and the basis of her beliefs.

Through a journey of self-discovery, Louise assures readers that becoming whole is certainly possible.

If you’re seeking a journey to discover more about yourself, and experience more peace and happiness, check out these top books in self-improvement today!

Photo by Yogendra Singh