6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Motivation When You Feel You've Lost Yours

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Last Updated: May 24, 2022

Do you ever start the day or week highly motivated?

Eager to tackle all your goals and more? But, before the day or week ends, all the motivation is gone. Considering that we can’t always control how our bodies and minds function, losing motivation can be daunting.

Well, you’re not alone, a lot of people experience the loss of motivation. Thankfully, there are certain things you can do to boost your motivation.

Here are six things you can do to boost your motivation when you’re at your lowest.



6 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Motivation When You Feel Low

1. Focus on your accomplishments.

When demotivated, it is common for us to feel like failures who have never and will never get anything done.

We tend to focus on all the things we have not accomplished. We position ourselves so far from our goals, and that demotivates us even worse because we do not see why we should even try.

However, if we shift our mindset and focus on our accomplishments, we feel more motivated and assured that we can achieve what we want to achieve.

Having a written list of achievements is a great way to remind yourself of what you have achieved and what you are capable of achieving. You can also break down your tasks into smaller segments and focus on those little wins that build towards the bigger end goal.

What better way to boost your motivation than looking at your collection of trophies?


2. Meditate.

Our brain works like a computer.

Sometimes we open too many tabs and everything seems to freeze, resulting in us being unable to really do anything despite the long to-do list that is waiting for us. When this happens to our computers, the 1st thing that comes to mind is to restart the machine.

The same is also applicable to our brain. When it is overwhelmed and under so much pressure, the best thing to do is take a step back and restart it. How? You might wonder. Through meditation.

Meditation allows our brain to slow down. The stimulation sent from our senses to the brain slows down giving the brain some time to breath, relax and focus.

Meditation enhances our focus levels. Typically, we are always multitasking and our brain has to deal with a lot of things at a time. When our focus is divided across five different things, it becomes quite difficult to get the best results.

Thanks to meditation, we can focus on the one thing that really needs our attention and achieve that.

Moreover, studies have found that meditation decreases mind-wandering, allowing us to focus and concentrate more. It also increases the amount of gray matter in our brain thereby allowing us to have positive emotions.

There are several types of meditation such as guided meditation and mindful meditation that you can use depending on how you are feeling that day.


3. Practice gratitude.

Usually when we are not being grateful, we are complaining and that drains our energy and motivation.

When you practice gratitude, you focus on what you have and not what the people around you have. A grateful mindset makes you appreciate all those around you and what they have done for you.

How you perceive them changes and you get a great feeling of abundance which is great for motivation.


4. Start your day on a good note.

How you start your day plays an important role on how you feel throughout the day.

Your morning routine should be refreshing and energizing, allowing you to tackle the day from a positive note.

Different things work for different people. For some, a morning jog does the magic while for others a hot cup of coffee in silence is exactly what they need. Try out different things until you find what works for you!

Positive affirmations are also a cherry on top to make your day run even smoother and on high motivation. Starting your day with positive affirmations means you get to tell yourself beautiful things that keep you going before someone else tells you anything that might ruin your day.


5. Change your setting.

Sometimes what you really need is a change of setting for you to regain your motivation. Being in a new environment helps you shift to a new mindset. 

It creates the novelty effect, which is a boost or improvement in performance that results from changing a setting or environment. When working from home, switch things up and work from a café or the park.


6. Remind yourself of the why.

Going back to the starting point is a great way for you to regain motivation.

What are you trying to do?

Take a step back and ask yourself why you started this and why you are chasing this dream. The answer to that why is always a good motivation. Once you remember why you started, you will likely remember why its important for you to keep going.



Final Thoughts

Losing motivation is not supposed to be the end of the journey, rather, it is part of the journey. These tips will help you get up, dust yourself up, and keep pushing.

Next time you lose motivation, don’t beat yourself up. Think of what needs to be improved for you to regain that motivation and do it. Don’t be scared to set new goals. You’ve got this!

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